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Welcome to the working dog kennel 'van het Eldenseveld'.

You have arrived at the the site of my Malinois Shepard kennel 'van het Eldenseveld'. The kennel is officially registered with the F.C.I. My goal is to breed social but strong and courageous dogs. Most of our puppies go to working dog disciplines, but we also sell puppies as house pet from time to time.

Bila Beau van de Ruisdael (2004-2015) - Litters A to C

The first dog I used for breeding, Bila Beau van de Ruisdael, was an extremely energetic, fast and social bitch. Her father, Alix-Kimba le Serviteur Puissant, has won several matches and ended at high rankings in other working dog matches.  He also gained the title of Dutch Champion of Service Dogs in 2004.

The father of Beau's first and second litter was Koos van 't Haagse Bloed, a dog that was known for his stable character and good results in the matches he participated in. Koos was also selected for the Dutch team for the WC Belgian Shepards 2009, 2010 and 2011. Both dogs had good ancestors, including a number of ancestors that gained the status of 'Legendary Malinois'. The third litter was a combination of Bila Beau and Figaro van 't Haagse Bloed (A son of Koos, see above).

Chip van het Eldenseveld (2011- ) - Litter D

In 2016, we had a new litter, the D littter. This time, we used another female, Chip van het Eldenseveld (daughter of Bila Beau van de Ruisdael and Figaro van 't Haagse bloed). The sire of this litter was Big-Benton van Roosfaya. 




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